The Pursuit of the Better Self: A Journey Toward Being Your Best

The Pursuit of the Better Self: A Journey Toward Being Your Best
Here’s a question for you: what if all you wanted was to be better? This idea of "better" can look different for each of us. For me, becoming better is about being able to think clearly and handle all my daily responsibilities smoothly. It's about overcoming challenges with a positive attitude and ease. My responsibilities include the relationships I have with people in my life, whether it's my family, my students, or the people I serve in my work. My main goal in these relationships is to create a safe and comfortable space for them. However, what "safe" looks like can vary depending on the situation, and it's my job to figure out how to adapt.

So, the big question I ask myself is this: how can I improve myself to serve these relationships better? This is the journey I am on, a journey to become the best version of myself. This journey is always ongoing, filled with both challenges and victories. It's a journey about accepting who we are now while also striving to become who we can be in the future. This journey is uniquely individual and deeply rewarding.

One thing that all of us share is time and opportunity. We all have the same 24 hours in a day; how we choose to spend that time varies greatly. Taking advantage of an opportunity means we're making good use of the time and resources available to us. An opportunity is like a door that's open for us to walk through. Have you ever considered what activities in your life are just a waste of time? These are activities that don't prepare you to walk through your doors of opportunity. How can you tell if something is worth your time? Well, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: will this benefit me in the future? If the answer is no, then it might be a waste of time.

You get to decide what doors of opportunity to pursue by filling your time with activities that add value to your life now and in the future. You can make every second, every minute, every hour, and every day better than the last. That's what I mean when I say, "love yourself a little more than you did yesterday". Try doing something a little better for just one minute than you did the day before. See how that one minute can transform your life. Take a moment to pause and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from making progress. Sometimes, that's all it takes, just one moment.

In pursuit of self-improvement, remember that the work you do for yourself lasts. The work you do for self-improvement impacts your life. Your life, in turn, impacts your lifestyle, and your lifestyle impacts your relationships.
Keep moving forward! Your (inner)Self is depending on You! #OneDegreetoVictory #ShawneeForward

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In this bustling world, hundreds of voices consistently vie for our attention. From social media influencers to our family and friends, people who think they know us and understand us best,  fill our minds with their views and ideas. They can make us doubt ourselves or cause our imaginations to soar. They can plant seeds of hope or deliver despair. They can support our endeavors or lead us astray. If you want to try something new, learn a new skill, or become a better version of yourself, don't let others limit you. You have the power to set your boundaries and determine your life's path.

I founded OneDegreetoVictory to serve as a beacon of Encouragement, Empowerment, and Truth. In a whirlwind of confusion, I wasn't simply trying to understand what had happened but actively seeking a lifeline. I yearned for a voice to confidently offer a hand, a promise to stand by my side. Imagine being adrift in tumultuous waters while others from the safety of their boat shout, "swim!" Yet, you have no idea how to navigate this stormy sea. The darkness is overwhelming; the rain is relentless. But then, out of the darkness, a voice declares, "I've got you." Suddenly, even though it's still dark, you find yourself buoyant, anchored in the storm. But that's not what this post is about.
It’s about after the storm. It’s about when you find yourself on dry land, able to move forward with your newfound strength. It’s about developing and declaring new life and how sometimes the voices of those we care about the most, often times restrict our voice, restrain our growth, and resist our change. Listen, Beautiful soul, ignore what others expect from you, and listen to your own voice.

The Importance of Silence and Authentic Support

Silence offers us a blank canvas, free from the smudges of discouragement and the shadows of doubt others cast upon us. In this quiet, we find the strength to stand firm, even when those closest to us—the ones we assumed would cheer us on—fall strangely silent or, worse, vocalize their skepticism. Silence, then, becomes not just a respite but a sanctuary, a place where we can reconnect with our deepest selves and the vision we hold for our lives.

Staying Wired into Your Vision

In the journey toward self-improvement and realizing our dreams, remaining wired to our vision is critical. It's about constantly nurturing the image of who we are becoming, allowing it to evolve and adapt but never letting it fade into the background noise of everyday life.

The Journey of Self-Accomplishment

The path to personal victory and transformation is often a solitary one. It’s also paved with opportunities for growth, resilience, and the joy of achieving what others deemed impossible. Encountering obstacles and overcoming them adds to the fabric of our stories, making the tapestry richer and more vibrant.
Your path is yours alone. Others may influence it, but at the end of the day, only you can walk it. Allow yourself the space to dream, the silence to plan, and the courage to act. Join us at OneDegreeToVictory, and together, let's turn those dreams into reality.

We invite you to listen to our podcast and explore our website to become a part of the OneDegreeToVictory community. Here, you'll gain access to our monthly newsletter and receive the free guide, "7 Days and 21 Ways to Win," designed to empower your mind, body, and soul. This tool is yours to use and reuse, leading you towards victory again and again.
For those in the Shawnee, OK area, don't miss our upcoming Vision Board Party. Your entry ticket comes with more than just admission—it's a ticket to a journey of self-discovery. Your gift bag includes tea, a journal, artisan edibles, and hand-crafted candles, all curated to inspire and rejuvenate.

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From Exhausted to Exhilarated: 5 Hacks for Tackling Energy Drain

From Exhausted to Exhilarated: 5 Hacks for Tackling Energy Drain
Disclaimer: This post is not for those facing serious health challenges. 
Lately, I've caught myself repeating the phrase "I don't have the energy for that” more often than I'd like to admit. It's not just a matter of feeling tired; I find myself completely drained, devoid of the energy needed to chase my dreams or even to get through the day. It's a concerning state that most of us find ourselves in, but thankfully, it's not an insurmountable one. It's time we take a stand against this tide of exhaustion and reclaim our energy and enthusiasm for life. Here's how.
Take a Day Off: It's not always feasible, but if you can, taking a day off for your mental health is invaluable. It's a bold move, yet your well-being is on the line. A day dedicated to mental health is about rejuvenation and clarity. Imagine a day with no obligations, sunlight streaming through your windows, uplifting music filling your home, and a deep clean of your surroundings. This isn't merely physical tidiness. It's a time and space dedicated to clearing out the mental clutter that holds you back, making room for creativity and peace.
Delegate Tasks: Recognizing that you can't carry the world on your shoulders is a sign of wisdom, not weakness. Delegation is a powerful strategy for managing burnout and boosting productivity. Whether it's sharing responsibilities at work or asking for help at home, delegation allows you to concentrate on what's important. It's an empowering act that acknowledges the strength of teamwork and opens the door to achieving your goals more efficiently.
Look for Alternative Ways to Get Things Done: Sometimes, the barrier to progress isn't a lack of effort but our approach. Be open to exploring new strategies, technologies, and advice. A fresh perspective can reignite stalled projects and energize your efforts.
Incorporate Short, Frequent Breaks: The Pomodoro Technique is a testament to the power of short breaks. By integrating brief pauses into your workday, you allow your mind to refresh, significantly improving mental energy and productivity. This simple change can greatly improve your energy levels and the quality of your work.
Prioritize Physical Activity: It might seem paradoxical, but expending energy through physical activity actually generates more. Doing simple exercises like walking, yoga, or a quick workout can help you build strength, improve blood circulation, and make you feel good. Adding activities to your day can push away tiredness and promote good health for your body and mind.
It's important to understand that always feeling tired isn't normal. By using these ideas, we can do more than get by - we can really enjoy life. We begin to make choices that make us feel more energetic, enable us to get more done, and make our lives better. Don't wait until you're totally worn out to make a change. Start now, and get back the energy that makes you feel alive and helps you follow your dreams. After all, the most important thing isn't time; it's energy.

Moms: Celebrating the Maven & Marvel Within🦸🏽‍♀️

Moms: Celebrating the Maven & Marvel Within🦸🏽‍♀️
Ever thought about your childhood superheroes? The awe-inspiring characters you admired? They were powerful women who saved the world from disaster, super Sheroes like Wonder Woman, Storm, and Jean Grey, among others. I still love these iconic characters, but now, I appreciate them for their wit, intellect, and the ideals they embody.
Today, there are several women in my life who, while they don't wear capes or wield golden lassos, are remarkably adept at achieving what seems impossible and getting to the heart of issues with nothing but their keen perception.

It's time to shift the spotlight closer to home. For the rest of this month, to Mother's Day  (which is on May 12th, by the way! ), and beyond, we're celebrating in a BIG way!  We're not just talking about the superheroes from the comics or TV shows. Nope, we're talking about the real-life superheroes, the ones in our very own homes, the ones we call... Moms! That's right! Moms are like superheroes every single day! They might not wear fancy capes or fly around in the sky, but they have superpowers that are just as amazing. They take on the world every day, like the Wonder Women they are.  They show us what it means to be brave, to be strong, and to care for the people we love. 

The Maven and the Marvel
Moms are marvels in their own right, constantly pivoting to tackle whatever life throws their way. They're mavens, creating solutions out of nothing and maximizing what they have. Their knack for seizing opportunities, fostering potential, and sparking joy even in chaos is nothing short of amazing. These women have a unique superpower — a strong heart, steadfast resilience, and the nurturing care they provide, which serves as the bedrock of our families and communities. Mother's Day is a time to reflect on the marvel and maven within every Mom. Whether she's a biological mother or a bonus mom in someone's life, these women have taken on the world's toughest job with grace and grit.

Call to Action: Cultivating the Mom Within
For all of us omothers day picturen the path to recognizing, calling out, and identifying the 'Mom' within, now is the time to act. Celebrate the essence of motherhood, not just on Mother's Day but every day. Acknowledge the hard work, the love, and the dedication it takes to be a Mom.
Join us for an inspiring journey of celebration and vision-casting at our Mother's Day Vision Board Party. It’s time to shine a light on the dreams and aspirations that make every Mom a superhero in her own right. Reserve your spot now and be part of a community that cherishes and uplifts the spirit of motherhood. See you there!

No More Excuses!

No More Excuses!
As we step into the vibrant season of April, OneDegreetoVictory is embracing a theme that's all too familiar yet persistently challenging. It's a theme that demands introspection, provokes action, and, most importantly, champions change. This April, we're excited to guide you through an invigorating journey of self-improvement and problem-solving with an array of content designed to inspire and motivate. Get ready for a month of 'No More Excuses: New Approaches to Old Problems.'

**Podcast Series: A Month of Motivation**

Our podcast lineup for April is meticulously crafted to address those pestering doubts, fears, and procrastinations head-on:

-**April 3: "What Do You Want and How Bad Do You Want It?"** We kick off the month with a deep dive into understanding our desires and the lengths we're willing to go to achieve them. This episode is all about setting intentions and recognizing the difference between wanting something and being ready to work for it.

- **April 10: "Will It Hurt? Yes! It Will!"** The path to overcoming old problems is rarely comfortable. This episode will explore the unavoidable discomfort that comes with growth and how to move through it instead of avoiding it.

- **April 17: "How Long Is It Gonna Take?"** Patience is a virtue, especially in the realm of self-improvement and problem-solving. We'll discuss how to set realistic expectations, stay the course, and find joy in the journey.

- **April 24: "I Think I Can!"** Inspired by the timeless tale of perseverance, this episode will focus on building confidence, fostering a positive mindset, and the power of self-belief in achieving the seemingly impossible.

Come along on a journey of inspiration and growth on April 14 and April 28 during our 'Selfie Sunday' series. We're bringing together incredible storytellers and seasoned experts to share their experiences of change and offer strategies for healing and momentum.

**Introducing: Monthly Challenge**

This April, we're launching a "Week Without Excuses" challenge. It's an invitation to commit to one week of pushing past excuses, facing challenges head-on, and taking tangible steps toward solving those age-old problems that have been holding you back. Keep an eye out for guidelines and daily prompts to keep you inspired and accountable.

**Stay Connected**

Don't miss our Monthly Newsletter dropping on the second Tuesday, April 9th, filled with insights, success stories, and additional resources to aid you in this month's theme. Also, catch the "Monday Momentum" on April 1, designed to set the tone for a productive and excuse-free month.

April atOneDegreetoVictory is about transformation through action. We encourage you to engage, participate, and, most importantly, commit to shedding the weight of excuses. Together, we'll explore new approaches to old problems and make this April the turning point you've been waiting for.

Stay locked in. We've got all this and more!

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