Infinite Promises at Ground Zero

Segment 1: Introduction
I'm your hostess with the Mostess, Nelieta Hollis, and today's episode is all about embracing the power of promises, personal evolution, and abundant life. Get ready to lock in, load up, and lean in!
Segment 2: The Promise of an Abundant Life
In this segment, I dive into the promise of an abundant life. We discuss how if we have a promise from God, a dream in our heart, or a desire placed there by Him, we all have the promise of an abundant life.
Segment 3: The Journey of Personal Growth
I discuss the need to let go of old habits, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve your highest good, and the idea that true personal evolution starts with acknowledging our present state and accepting the invitation to change.
Segment 4: Embracing Ground Zero
In the final segment, we make the decision to move forward, bringing ourselves closer to the realization of our abundant life.

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