It’s hard to talk about failure. We live in a failure-averse society where failure is a sign of weakness, a sign that something went wrong. Failure signals defeat. But failure is so much more than that. Here’s how to harness failure and be fabulous at it.

The Plot

I planned a vision board party. The preparations were extensive; I had invitations for twenty people, gift bags for everyone, and an array of delicious food. The crafts were ready to inspire creativity, and the venue was generously donated by a pastor who believed in my cause. A couple who are members of the church even cooked. Sidenote: They have a fabulous ministry by the way!

The day arrived, and only two people participated - one of them being the vendor. The room was prepared for a crowd, but it was almost empty. Nevertheless, I didn't let the small turnout discourage me. I went forward with my presentation as planned, recording it and presenting as if I had a full room.
I won't deny that I felt a pang of disappointment. There was a moment when I wanted to feel angry, sad, and discouraged. On the other side of that fleeting moment of despair, I realized I needed to own this failure.

Own the failure

Failure happens outside of our comfort zone. It's a sign that we're pushing boundaries and trying new things, venturing into uncharted territories. So, I owned this failure. I found this failure to be a fabulous opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. On the drive home, my mind was already buzzing with thoughts and ideas. I was analyzing my strategies, and thinking about how I could more effectively target my audience, considering different approaches that might resonate more closely with them.

Don’t Compare

Don't compare your failure to others' successes.  We've all seen people become overnight sensations, going viral on the internet and rocketing to fame. It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling left behind. Let me remind you, BeautifulSouls, that success isn't about gargantuan leaps; it's about incremental steps that continually stretch our limits, propelling us further each time.

Celebrate Success

Finally, I woke early this morning to write this blog because, hey, I did it! I accomplished the goal. I successfully hosted a complete vision board party, an achievement that filled me with immense pride and joy. Every detail, from securing the perfect venue to meticulously decorating it to match the theme, was handled by me. I took on the role of a presenter, sharing my insights and experiences with everyone, all the while ensuring that every moment was captured on camera. Despite the absence of a large crowd, the event was a success in my eyes. So here's my final piece of advice for you - always take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how insignificant they might seem. They are a testament to your courage and your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.


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